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The reason why I group three days together: because they all seem a bit of a blur to me. Not so much because I didn’t like these cities, but because I was in a state of despair. I was so bent on the trip being a cycle trip, I hadn’t thought about what to do if something went wrong; and I simply didn’t want to do anything else. Of course, I was quite mistaken in this – the simple fact that I couldn’t cycle should have been my cue to do a lot of other interesting stuff, but I instead mostly wandered around from reading spot to reading spot. I finished a good deal of reading, I should add. This picture I took in Ingolstadt is pretty much symbolic:

Nevertheless, the cities were quite interesting. In Ingolstadt, I slept at the youth hostel as usual. The youth hostel is an old barrack – and one can still very much see this. For instance, one should speak more of sleeping quarters than rooms. The city itself was quite beautiful – and rather tranquil, save for the Volksfest that I stumbled upon totally perchance.

Regensburg is definitely a must see for any traveller of South Germany. Reminding a bit of Ulm, but then again, quite the opposite. One gets the impression that Regensburg is an old, old place … and so it is! After a free visit to the cathedral, and paying to see the Domschatz, (and, traveller’s tip: a free visit to the cathedral’s loo!) I simply wandered around the beautiful city, soaking in the surroundings. Although there are (of course) tourists, they don’t overrun the place. So the city has a real “European” feel to it – at least, that is my perception. Here are some photos:

(Don’t be surprised if you see this last one in a church service some day.)

Probably the most interesting experience I had during the whole trip occurred, by accident, in Regensburg. Now, this would be a good place to say that I showered everyday, had clean clothes to wear and of course took my razor with. This would have been a good place to say such things; but as fate, history, and reality would have it, I didn’t do any of these things mentioned for quite a while. So I probably did look a bit shabby – but not all that shabby, I would venture to say. I decided to buy myself some coffee to help against the pervading cold, after which I sat down at a fountain on an open square. (Not sure if this is acceptable behaviour in Germany, but the fountain was there, it had steps, and I wanted to sit. Ergo, I did.) Suddenly, people started … well, looking strangely at me. Staring – no even that would be an understatement. People started berating me with their eyes. At first I couldn’t figure out why, but then I realized they thought I was begging. To be honest, I was at first indignant. How could they think that? But then I started, well, experimenting. So I stayed seated for quite a while, absorbing the Scorn of Regensburg (and all her tourists) for a few moments more. How vain people are, including myself!

The second last city I visited on this (bicycle?)trip was Straubing. Again, not your average tourist hotspot. Somehow, though, I really felt at home in this place. The lady in the youth hostel spoke in a really, really difficult German accent – imagine a type of German which sounds like English as spoken by a Scotsman. (Which is true for most of Bavaria – once again, my personal opinion.) Nevertheless, we finally understood each other, and my stay there was really great. They were obviously not used to speaking English, anyway. I finally made it! I was out there in wild Germany! (Hehe. Traveller’s tip: you can speak English pretty much anywhere in Germany today, people will understand you, sort-of.)

The rest of my time, before leaving for Passau, I took really, really relaxed. Even saw a movie in a cinema (Ich Einfach Unverbesserlich = Despicable Me) after I saw almost all the churches in the city – I just didn’t feel like visiting museums this time. Here are some photos of Straubing, to end this post:


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