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I start this post with shame. No, not a mistranslation of humility from Afrikaans – downright shame.

I wanted to spew forth critique on the #ifoundjesus hash tag. In my selfrighteous attitude towards religion. But, like a Balaam of old, I am unable to do so.

My critique would have gone something along this line (which might make sense to the reader):

One can find Jesus everywhere. In fact, the #ifoundjesus hash tag that has been making its rounds on Twitter is a running commentary on this fact. The problem is, some people, the present writer included, listen between the lines. Thus, a tweet sounding something like this (extreme example):

#ifoundjesus in that He gave me a house and a farm and a huge bank account and lots of friends and … stuff #praiseyethelord

is immediately converted (and rightly so, I still maintain) into:

Jesus loves me more than other folks. Like poor sinful people sitting in the rain without a house and a farm and a bank account. #awesomeme #thelordismyshepherd

Yes, one finds Jesus everywhere. Which means every profane thing is sacred – or the other way round, depending on one’s religious tastes. (For this is a question which hinges between agnosticism and mysticism.) Consequently, the embarrassing situation above is pointed out in even greater contrast.

I could continue along these lines. My arguments have some merit, I would say – at least philosophically. However, the #ifoundjesus #thelordismyshepherd tweeter above would find him/herself a very #lonelysheep in the “real” world of Twitter.

I refer the reader to the #ifoundjesus hash tag on Twitter to defeat my own thesis above.

For, #ifoundjesus in the witness of others.


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